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Rome Reborn 2.0: A Case Study of Virtual City Reconstruction Using Procedural Modeling Techniques

CAA 2009. Making History Interactive. 37th Proceedings of the CAA Conference March 22-26, 2009, Williamsburg, Virginia(Archaeopress: Oxford, 2010) 62-66. Wells, Sarah, Bernard Frischer, et al., 2


Rome Reborn in Google Earth

CAA 2009. Making History Interactive. 37th Proceedings of the CAA Conference March 22-26, 2009, Williamsburg, Virginia (Archaeopress: Oxford, 2010) 373-379. Wells, Sarah, Bernard Frischer, et al., 2010.


The Rome Reborn Project. How Technology is helping us to study history

OpEd, November 10, 2008. University of Virginia. Frischer, B., 2008. 


the Importance of Scientific Authentication and a Formal Visual Language in Virtual Models of Archaeological Sites: The Case of the House of Augustus and Villa of the Mysteries

Interpreting The Past: Heritage, New Technologies and Local Development. Proceedings of the Conference on Authenticity, Intellectual Integrity and Sustainable Development of the Public Presentation of Archaeological and Historical Sites and Landscapes, Ghent, East-Flanders, 11-13 September 2002. Flemish Heritage Institute, Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation. 2007, Brussels, Belgium. Frischer, B. and P. Stinson, 2007.


New Directions for Cultural Virtual Reality: A Global Strategy for Archiving, Serving, and Exhibiting 3D Computer Models of Cultural Heritage Sites

Proceedings of the Conference, Virtual Retrospect 2005 (Bordeaux), 168-175. Frischer, B., 2006.


A New Digital Model of the Roman Forum

Imaging Ancient Rome. Documentation-Visualization-Imagination," edited by Lothar Haselberger and John Humphrey, Journal of Roman Archaeology, Supplementary Series 61, 163-182. Frischer, B., D. Abernathy, F.C. Giuliani, R. Scott, H. Ziemssen, 2006. Not available online.


Virtualizing Ancient Rome: 3D Acquisition and Modeling of a Large Plaster-of-Paris Model of Imperial Rome

Videometrics VIII, edited by J.-Angelo Beraldin, Sabry F. El-Hakim, Armin Gruen, James S. Walton, 18-20 January 2005, San Jose, California, USA, SPIE, vol. 5665, 119-133. Guidi, G., B. Frischer, et al., 2005. 


The Digital Roman Forum Project: Remediating the Traditions of Roman Topography

Acts of the 2nd Italy-United States Workshop, Rome, Italy, November 3-5, 2003, Berkeley, USA, May, 2005edited by M. Forte, BAR International Series 1379 (Oxford 2005) 9-21. Frischer, B., 2005.